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Book Review: Tiamat’s Wrath

Tiamat’s Wrath is undoubtedly the strongest entry in the Expanse series in several books. It returns the focus to the technology and other clues left behind by the Godlike species that sent the proto-molecule to the solar system, of their unknown killers who still linger, and of men who would re-engineer the human race. But the authors are also deft at depicting the rest of humanity, as they take baby steps into the wide reaches of the galaxy to homestead it, aided by the wormholes of the “roads” left behind by the “Roman” proto-molecule engineers. There is a renewed emphasis on minor characters, who are beneficial to the plot, and interesting, too. There is even a happy ending (sort of a “puttin’ the band back together”). Fans of the Expanse series will enjoy Tiamat immensely. For those who read the first book or two, they can jump right back in and enjoy: it has that same feeling, renewed.

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