Tarotgram – The World/Earthrise

I think we sometimes forget The World originally represented a supremely religious vision—the New Jerusalem—where we’ll all be (if we’re good, I guess) after the second coming. The place where good has won over evil; where all is divinity and divinity is all. In my increasingly cluttered and disorganized spirituality, I thought the NASA “Earthrise” image might convey something of the original content of that message. It might be generation-specific (I was 13 when that photo was taken), but then again, I also thought about putting John, Paul, George and Ringo in the corners.

Note: Tarotgrams are a new feature! They stem from dabbling with Instagram (search for IsleVueCom there if you want to find me!).

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I have spent 30+ years in the computing industry. In it I've pretty much done everything from tech support for elderly people doing genealogy, to documenting compilers, to software evangelist, to direct mail guru, to CIO of an international corporation. And here I am, older and gray, getting interested in Tarot?