Release Candidate: Tarot/Zodiac Wheel

The final wheel is just about done, but there are two areas which need proofreading. Therefore we have a near-final or “release candidate” to share with anyone who has the time for it.

  • First, if you previously looked at it as an .SVG (scalable vector graphics) file in your browser, you probably noticed all the “tool tip” type popups that said “pie slice #42,” etc. I had to hand enter replacements for those (unfortunately, Visio doesn’t have a method to import that). So if you can spare a little time to idly pass your mouse over here and there, and keep an eye out for typos, I would appreciate it. Now, if you pass your mouse over one of the decans, for example, it will say “Decan19” or whatever number it happens to be. One exception: any item that appears more than once… for example Mercury. One will just have a tool tip that says “Mercury.” The other(s) will have tool tip(s) that say “Mercury.#” In other words, Visio wants them to be unique, so it adds numbers. The plus side here is that anyone who just wants to edit the final file as an SVG will probably find it easier to locate any particular item in an XML or text editor.
  • Secondly, I have created a “how to” type document for anyone that expects to edit the Visio source in Visio. If anyone who intends to edit the original Visio source file has time to look through that and let me know that they can generally follow it, I would appreciate that as well. I haven’t gone through that with a fine-toothed comb for typos yet, so feel free to point them out, but don’t worry about them.

Other changes include dropping the “cheat sheet”, and trimming down the wheel itself just a tad more. I found one major typo in a date range for one of the decans. I found one card whose text was hidden. I trimmed three or four more description phrases in the minor arcana. The overall layout has been compacted so that the main wheel can have more space devoted to it if shrunk down to fit a printed letter size page.

Miscellaneous update note: I am re-instituting the mandatory confirmation of email addresses for those that wish to register to download the “source” files. A “bad actor” has returned, and is submitting multiple phony addresses, most likely probing for a spam conduit, or to grab files. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for understanding.


Click or tap to view. Right click, then save as, or on mobile long tap if you would prefer to download. I will put a proper download page up for the final.

  • Release Candidate” IsleVue Tarot-Zodiac-Element-Sephiroth Wheel of the Golden Dawn.svg. The latest Scalable Vector Graphics file. This is the one you probably want.
  • Visio How-To Documentation” IsleVue Tarot-Zodiac-Element-Sephiroth Wheel of the Golden Dawn source file documentation 2019-07-21.pdf. Only if you expect to edit the Visio file file, customize it with your own content. For example, to distribute a Wheel with your own wisdom. Or to document your own deck.
  • PDF file of the Wheel” IsleVue Tarot-Zodiac-Element-Sephiroth Wheel of the Golden Dawn.pdf Because some people just prefer PDF. And truth be told, it is just the cover page of the “How To” document, so it cost me no effort. Fair warning: the scalable vector graphics file has better resolution.
  • 1080p bitmap version of the Wheel” Only because I created one for Facebook.
  • Near 4K bitmap version of the Wheel” Only for those who insist on bitmaps. Higher resolution than the previous file.

Comments, suggestions, positive criticisms etc., all gratefully accepted.

IsleVue Tarot-Zodiac-Element-Sephiroth Wheel of the Golden Dawn

Revision History

The official 1.0 version of the wheel, with source files, became available here. The SVG graphic above was updated to the 1.0 version.

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