I don’t pretend to be an expert in the Tarot. But I do know how to research, read, organize data, store it logically, query it for answers, and write about what I conclude the data means. This site documents my efforts to “read” the symbols in the tarot cards. My primary sources shall (at first) be the Waite/Colman Smith deck, and contemporary (to Waite) writings. Unless otherwise noted, my work on this site is covered by the Creative Commons license. That means you can quote and republish freely, so long as you provide proper attribution (see details).

The end result, I hope, shall be a database and/or web service, accessible freely or at low cost to contributors, and at reasonable cost to others. That end result shall contain an organized means of interpreting a spread of Tarot cards. By classifying the types of likely questions a querent may ask (for example, using a standardized system such as Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs), it may even be possible to direct an interpretation so that it answers the question rather than provides a general “definition” of the card.

It should be fun.

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John Iacovelli

I have spent 30+ years in the computing industry. In it I've pretty much done everything from tech support for elderly people doing genealogy, to documenting compilers, to software evangelist, to direct mail guru, to CIO of an international corporation. And here I am, older and gray, getting interested in Tarot?