A Calendar of All the Cards

For the past several months I have been on a personal Tarot search. Most of that search is to understand how symbols store meanings in the cards. Another part of the search is to understand how the symbols and meanings got there. This article is about an exercise that I set for myself that involves both those aspects. The project is a Zodiac wheel containing the planetary, elemental and qabalistic symbols, their Tarot “assignments,” and the divinatory meanings assigned them. I used the Golden Dawn’s set of meanings both because they are a major source for the Waite Colman Smith deck, and because they are not bound by copyright. The latter is important because if it’s useful to me, it’s useful to others, and this means anything I put together as part of this project can be “sharable.” I offer it to all who think they may learn from it. I also offer the “source” so that if there’s a part of it they disagree with, they can make their desired changes and create their own wheel. So in any case… this is a call for comments and suggestions. With a bit more input, I will be happy to finalize the graphic and make the Visio file available to all. I will come back and update this post when the graphic is finalized.

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