Quick-And-Dirty “When?” Divination With the Wheel

We as readers know one of the trickiest tasks in Tarot is answering a “when?” question. This provides an astrology based “quick and dirty” method that I’ve seen at several sites. I have used it myself and had some success. It may not be a full substitute for more complicated methods. This simple method also serves a demonstration of the uses that the Tarot Wheel can be put to. Thus, I’ve decided that this might be a useful post as the first one following its “1.0” release. The simple method we’ll describe here starts with a version of the wheel without coloring. We’ll open a paint program and color-fill the shapes for the cards drawn. Once we’ve filled in our card shapes, we locate the most important card(s) drawn, and we’ll also look for “concentrations” of colors (colored shapes on top or next to each other). We then read the associated dates and/or durations. VoilĂ ! We now have a rough time period or idea of the duration in answer to the “when?” question. This has actually worked for me more than once. I’ll detail that experience. I’ll also describe in this post a more complicated method for calculating dates, though that one doesn’t utilize the Wheel. Bottom line, though, is that the main point of this exercise is to let everyone know that the Wheel is for customizing!

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