Notes on a Fiery Monarch: the Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is quite an interesting card. Whereas the other queens in the Coleman Smith illustrations seem to be subordinate to their kings, the Queen of Wands appears to wield the power in her court. Maybe we if we understood the queen’s place in society a little better we could come to a better interpretation of this card when it comes up in a reading. In conjunction with the rise of feminist studies in recent years, scholarhip on queenship has arisen, too. This understanding, plus an analysis of some of the symbols in the Waite Colman Smith card lead us to a woman who through her fiery, yet dark nature, exerts influence. When the Queen of Wands comes up in a reading, somewhere a mature woman exerts her influence… if a job-related question, perhaps a successful business woman has strong influence on the decision. If a question related to family, we may ask if there’s a matriarch in the family. If the question is about romance, then the querent may want to think about whether they’ll make a good king of wands.

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