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An interesting opinion/analysis article regarding divination appears on the web today from the Reporter Magazine of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Karina Le approaches astrology and tarot from a health and wellness viewpoint. She cites a yearning for comfort as the cause of a rising trend in which she sees more and more people turning to astrology and tarot. She represents divination as “a sliver of knowledge of what could be.”

Part of the analysis of astrology relates the spatial positioning of the constellations and planets (astrology) as a metaphor of our relationship to the universe. The article notes that there can be much research and calculation involved in tasks such as compiling a birth chart; this is alluded to as support for the ability to go into depth in the analysis of a personality.

The chaplain of a university group which celebrates pagan holidays, the RIT Pagans, is a tarot reader, who uses readings to help people “open up” about what they’re going through.

The article concludes by defining “the real magic in divination” as the experience of “expanding one’s horizons and thinking more deeply in the introspection of self, and the way we handle our lives.”

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