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´╗┐Bailey Crone is an Atlanta based “dream pop” artist and musician who performs under the name “Bathe.” Her new single is called “Tarot Cards.” It was released a week ago, and is starting to get some web links.

Her music is heavy on guitar, which is her main instrument, and synthesizers. Her playing style and tone is reminiscent of Kurt Vile’s, though with much more reverb. If the style has a weakness, it’s that her song writing may be good enough that the reverb seems overdone and takes away from it. I also suspect that her voice is good enough that it need not be buried in the wall of sound effect of the synthesizers. In addition to guitar, she plays bass and drums on the track. Damon Moon, her producer, plays the synthesizer.

The overall effect is of a watery mood, appropriately enough, for though no particular card is evoked, the water, the “fragile mind,” and the “softness,” may possibly indicate the Page/Princess of Cups. The lyrics:

Her fragile mind still unbroken
She walks around pills in her pocket

These tarot cards are not read often
Fleeing the dark into softness

Her deepest side tastes of ocean
In natural light she craves devotion

These tarot cards are not read often
Fleeing the dark into softness, yeah

These tarot cards are not read often
Fleeing the dark into softness, yeah

The link above is to the site at which I first found the track (and which ranked fairly high in a web search today). But to find out more about the artist, the best bet is her Instagram page, which is also where her image was taken from. And to purchase the song, it may be best to try Bandcamp.

The Page/Princess is taken from the Lo Scarabeo deck.

Lyrics ©2019 Bailey Crone/Bathe

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