Meta-Stories of the Minor Arcana

We are almost at the halfway point through our analyses of the minor arcana Two through Ten cards. This may be a good time to step back and consider the most consistent finding so far. That finding is that it appears Waite and Colman Smith in many cases placed textual or visual representations of the origin stories of the particular Zodiac sign associated with the constellation for the decan to which the Golden Dawn group assigned the card. It is a serendipitous aspect of the RWS deck’s design process, that their basis in these origin stories can be “seen” in the cards still. Story-telling is indeed an excellent means to connect with the querent. It involves the querent in formulating the answer to the question, because everyone likes to participate in a good story. More than just archetypes, stories that have engaged people for literally thousands of years are likely to engage the querent as you interpret the cards and try to get to the bottom of what the cards are trying to tell both reader and querent.

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